Please pray for me.... My ex broke up with me a day before Christmas 2016

by Lin

Please pray for me....


My ex broke up with me a day before Christmas 2016. We had the best most loving and caring relationship anyone could ask for, the only problem was we were from different denominations and it caused a huge problem as him and his family were into spiritual warfare and Demons and darkness. Something that wasn't for me since I'm Anglican, family got involved and he couldn't take the pressure and he broke up with me, even though we were perfect beside this. He believes it's Gods will, but God does not hurt people or tear them away from eachother, he just want us to love him and serve him, and God was always at the centre for us. So his father manipulates him through his church, I even lost a baby due to this. I tried very hard these last months to fix things but I need help in praying for us, we love and loved eachother dearly, he is the one and I know it, we got back together Christians after breaking up when we were younger, and I know he is it, God sent him to me when I prayed for a Christian man. Please help me in praying for our reconciliation. Please help me... Even just one prayer could move a mountain.

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