Please pray for my daughter

by Vicki

She just got back with her boyfriend. He treats her like garbage--calls her names, cheats on her, gets her to cut off contact with her family. I don't know that he has ever hit her, at least not yet, but she did tell me after the last breakup that she thought he would hit her/that they were going down that path.


I know he's not good for her and think deep down she knows it too, but for some reason she is drawn to him and takes the abuse. She seems to think he is her "soul mate" and when she is with him she becomes a totally different person (lies to cover her tracks, pulls away from family, etc.) He has been to jail a few times and has used various drugs. She keeps telling me he is "changed" but the last horrible name calling took place less than four weeks ago so I'm doubting he changed much during that time period. Please pray for her to find strength and to know that she deserves much better than what she is accepting.

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Aug 19, 2016
by: Tampa Florida

Good morning
My prayers are with you and your daughter
You are good Mother
Please be sure to go to church each Sunday
Invite your daughter do not push her to come
Invite her to breakfast after church
If she does not come tell her you will be there each Sumday
And she is welcome

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