Please pray for my son, he is ADHD and on tablets

by sophie
(south africa)

Please pray for my son, he is ADHD and on tablets.

I am afraid that he is starting to have negative effects of this tablet.
In my presence he is so well behaved until i get the report from school. I have been so hard with him it hurts me when i think of what i do, but i am not really sure how to handle this anymore. I thought giving him the tablet will help him but his behaviour patterns is not changing
I want to get him off that tablet, and i am trusting God that he will heal him and he will be even better than he is right now without the tablet
Please pray for him, i have spoken to our pastor but instead of helping him he talks about him to his school principal and now he is known as a problem child even in the church. This has hurt us so much that it has affected my family that they do not want to go back to that church. I am hurting because my family is being destroyed by the cause of this

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