Please Pray For Natasha

by Cheryl

Natasha is a mother of 2 children ages 7 and 4. She does not have a relationship with God and the only way the children learn about God is through me, their grandmother, who reads them the bible nightly before bed. Natasha is selfish - all about me attitude. She shows no love, care, compassion for her children and expects them to be perfect in every way! She does not give them credit for the good things they do but only focuses on the bad. She has no patience for them, punishes them, specially the 7 year old, beyond the appropriate punishment a child his age should receive. It breaks my heart to see him constantly punished for the "normal" misbehaving a typical 7 year old would do - no one, even adults are perfect. I ask you pray for God to guide her, send the Holy Spirit in her heart to accept our Almighty God and believe Jesus Christ is our Savior. I also ask that our Heavenly Father will guide her to be the loving, caring, compassionate parent that he expects her to be. Thank you.

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Pray for Natasha
by: Agnes


Iam a parent too of a one year boy who will be 2 years next month. It hurts me so much to hear this....the poor kids are mistreated. I pray for God's miracle that Natasha's attitude will change towards mothering her kids and loving them. May god grant Natasha whole spirit in her life. So that one she will know that God is the only saviour in our life. I pray in jesus name, Amen.

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