Please pray for our marriage i have cheat on my wife she say it done and over move on

by Kpe
(Mobile. Alabama)

Oh lord i need you so badly to fix this marriage i never want to do this but the lust and the devil saw my weakness. I dont cheat any more and say the sinner pray lord you said my. sins are wash away in your blood. I want to keep my wife and show her im serous and dont to feel like this again i know i hurt her but lord she put me away. For over 5 years now i know with her young son on drugs. And in jail and OD. Twice her job a stress to that no excuse for what i done i feel. drity and not clean oh lord im pray to you every day and night for you are my first and last. Only hope oh lord i promise. To you. And with your help we can be happy again and trust i know it take a lot of work but with your help nothing impossible i will not let you are my wife down oh lord. Please help in your holy name Jesus amen

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