Please pray for this infection to be healed

by Ariel
(Miami, FL, USA)

I have an infection, probably sexually transmitted... Went to the hospital and had tests taken & I'm still waiting for the results...

I have fever all the time, I'm in pain walking, & I can go on for days with everything else.
Please, pray that I get healed and that this infection is nothing sexually transmitted or threatening to my life, my boyfriend's, nor our future. I honestly just don't want to be in this pain anymore...
Lord, I now leave this all in your hands...

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I will pray for you
by: Susie

Hoping you are feeling better...please pray for me too, I have picked up a gut infection while on holiday and it gets you down..You are in my prayers..

God will lay his hands on you
by: Anonymous

I pray your body is healed and you refrain from intercourse until marriage.

by: Anonymous

I pray for your healing and by the stripes of Jesus you may be healed!!! Continue to pray and have faith

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Jesus healed Rahab
by: Anonymous

The body is not for sexual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body. Show obedience to Jesus and you too can be blessed like the prostitute Rahab. I confess my sins knowing Jesus took them on the cross. Pray to our forgiving God for He is alone is worthy of praise. Thank you Jesus for
my healing and all those who ask in your mighty name. Amen

By the stripes of Jesus you are healed
by: Anonymous

We go through life where the flesh is real the spiritual fight is even more real. The healing you need is rightfully yours as Jesus died to take away all our infirmity and suffering. Because He lives, we pray from victory and not for victory. Faith comes through healing. Shall keep you in prayer for your recovery and healing.

God loves you
by: Anonymous

It is very scary to worry about your health, especially sexually transmitted diseases. My heart goes out to you and I pray that you receive healing. Whatever happens God loves you and will help you deal with everything. Trust in God,and I ask God to hear your prayers as he has mine. Amen

heal all infections and deseases
by: Anonymous

I pray for you that god hear your prayers and heal you.and Ipray that god ease your pain and do not allow you to suffer.GOD PLEASE HEAL THIS YOUNG LADY AND ALL INFLICTED WITH SICKNESS AND DESEASE.IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

by: Shyam Spiritual guide

The Bible says that "Life and death are in the power of the tongue"
It is your body and mind-Talk to them regularly and you will see amazing changes in your life for example for sickness say in your mind
"I command this sickness to leave my body now-The precious healing blood of Jesus is flowing through my body and washing and healing any sickness in my body-At this moment I command and kick out any sickness from my body--Thank you Jesus for healing me"
Same principle aplies for job-relationships etc-Use your words to command but with faith and expectancy
God bles
Spiritual guide

god is with us
by: brother

God is with us.dont worry.jesus will save you..amen

By The Grace Of Our Father God Almighty
by: Juanita

In Our Fathers Holy Name I Pray the Holy Spirit Be Upon you. May the blessings of Our Lord Jesus Heal Your Body From All Infection. You Are Blessed And are a precious child of Our Father Almighty God. He will Never leave You.Stay strong and Believe in The Healing From Our Almighty God For You Are Saved . Amen Amen Amen.xx

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