Please pray that my son comes home soon

by Sandra
(Cairo, NY USA)

Please pray that my son comes home soon. He made a bad decision and was arrested. He was in a bad place and could go to prison for a long time. He is so very sorry. Please pray that the judge goes lightly and allows him to come home with only probation and restitution.


He has learned a valuable lesson. He's never been in trouble before. His young sister and I need him home. He doesn't belong in prison. He will make up for what he did. Please pray that he can come home and make up for his mistake.

As his mother, it is breaking my heart. I love him so much. Please pray that he gets another chance and makes amends. Please bring my son home and pray for only probation and restitution.

He is sorry and wants to make things right. Please help me. Please pray for him.

Thank you.

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