Please, pray the Lord hears my prayers for my job

Dear Lord,

I have been at my job for over six years, and I love my job but am unappreciated and treated poorly. I recently went on an interview without telling my boss and they found out, and things are Terrible at work now. I am not being spoken to after getting severely spoken too. It was a first interview and neither, the employer or myself made a decision at this point. I am so afraid for my current employer now. I pray for protection and guidance Lord. As I am a single mother and just trying to earn a honest living. I pray for a miracle Lord, that I will be offered the new job so I may escape the current mistreatment that has been given to me over the past several years. Please Lord, hear my prayers and guide and protect me Lord. Please save me ! Amen

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I can understand
by: Anonymous

My job is basically the same way. I never know how to take either on of them. One is manager the other asst manager. They have very bitter hearts when it comes to females. But deep inside I know that my God can change them just have to believe in it. I will be praying for you.

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