PleasPlease pray for truth, just and strength for me in dealing with this.

by Renee

My girls moved out this summer with their father who has been less than a parent than trying to tame the zoo with them! Tomorrow we go to court regarding custody and child support. He has NOT supported them the last 11 years like he should have and was capable of doing.


I have never asked him for a dime or taken him to court. My husband has just always stepped in to fulfill that gap. I am disabled and currently my husband is out on short term due to his own illness. Financially this burden and possibility of having to pay is stressful, even though we provide insurance, phones etc...

More importantly my ex husband, his whole family and our girls have made it perfectly clear that they intend on "ripping me apart" and the girls telling me that they no longer want anything to do with me/us and want me out of their lives! Very sad considering that we are the ones always there for them.

Please pray for truth, just and strength for me in dealing with this. I am eight months pregnant and this has been so stressful. Thank you!

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