Pls give him back to me with a renewed heart full of compassion

by Ofelia

Dear St.Joseph, thnk u for giving my husband to me. I love him so much. Pls give him back to me with a renewed heart full of compassion, forgiveness and love to me and to our family. Help him to make a right decision to fight for his love. Pls dont allow him to give up on me. Pls give us another last chance to be back in each others arm. Do not allow evil to separate us. Enlighten my husband St.Joseph. Protect me and keep him healthy. Pls. Help us to reignite our love for each other. I love him very much. Pls turn our situation around. God make a way for us. Bumalik n sya do not allow him to be gone for so long. We need him. Im begging u. Il do my best to be a good wife if not perfect for him. I wanna make it up pls give me a chance God. Thnk u i know u will give him bck to me with a loving husband by your grace. Pls hear my pray to save my marriage. Amen.

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