Pray for baby Jessica

by Robin
(New York)

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Please help me pray that the lord Jesus heals my 10 month old daughter Jessica, who has extensive vision problems, heart defect and developmental delay. She was also born with a small head that may be the cause of some of her afflictions. There is no help a doctor can give her, so please pray for a miracle that the lord heals her so she can lead a normal life.

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Baby Jessica
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord, please take care of baby Jessica.
Please wrap your arms around her & give her
strength through you. Please Lord, wrap your
arms around her mother & take her worries.
Dear Lord bless their family & I pray they
Have many happy & laughter filled years
together. Please Lord give the doctors &
nurses working with them wisdom &
knowledge that's needed. Amen

Praying for you
by: Anonymous

I pray that God will hear your prayers and strengthen you

Praying for you
by: Anonymous

I pray that God will hear your prayers and strengthen you

She will be heald
by: Cyrus Mafi

Dear Robin,
I came today to pray for my needs that are in compression inferior to many that I have read here.
I will pray for Jessica and no matter what comes to my mind the keyword wants to write the following " she will be healed"
I'm no special person nor have I the blessing of angels. All I know is that the Lord wanted you to hear these words and believe in the God's power of miracle.
I will pray for little Jessica and like to leave you with these words.
"God will not test us beyond our strength"

Gratitude First and Always
by: BAB

Gratitude is knowing that everything is going to be OK and precious Little Jessica will be healed and have a normal life. Do not adopt one single negative feeling about having 'A Miracle" for Precious Little Jessica. You are acknowledging that by Praising GOD and expressing to GOD all that is good and right in your life, you are expressing explicit and unwavering
Faith in the Miracle you will receive. The Power of Prayer is what keeps this imperfect society on this Earth and the World still Spinning on its axis. If it weren't for the believers, God would have given up on this ungrqateful world full of many mean spirited people. wombatCan you imagine how hurtful that is for God to see us abusing one another and making war! Love and Gods Miracles and Blessings for you and your family and Especially Baby Jessica, LOVE and Prayers BAB

For special Jessica
by: EyeSeeIt

The moments are precious and you are given whatever time God has allowed for this special bundle to be part of your life. God wants you to turn to him and he wants you to give all the love this child needs because he feels you are strong enough. God will see your goodness in your love for this child and all that you sacrifice.

Prayer for Baby Jessica
by: Anonymous

Lord we ask that you look over baby Jessica in her time of need, give her the strength to get through this trying time in her life. Wrap your arms around her and carry her through this.

In these troubled
by: Anonymous

In these troubled times many of us turn to God for our answers. The internet is another way to pray to our God Almighty. I use the following website: It helps us feel closer to God when we need it most. I truly recommend you to try it.
God bless you.

She will be healed
by: Sangeeta

Dear Robin, lots of love and a big hug to you. I have a little girl too, 9 months old. Jessica will be healed fully. She will grow into a beautiful,STRONG, joyful, lovely person and will be a source of happiness for you forever. I fervently pray to God to work his miracle in your life.

by: john

i will say a little prayer for jessica tonight;-)

Suffer the children to come unto me
by: Anonymous

Dear God;
We know that you have a special love of children. Right now Father, we ask that you will show Baby Jessica favor and grant her parents the desires of their hearts and that is for Jessica to be made whole. Father God, we know you can, and we ask Master, if you only will; and we will be so careful as to give you the honor, the praise and the glory. It is in Jesus name we pray! Amen

Prayer for Jasica
by: Devang

i prayer for jasica and her daughter
god heal her with your hand
please god heal her family
god always protect you and your family
god love us

by: Jamie

I just prayed for Jessica's healing and for your family's. I know that little Jessica is wrapped in God's love and yours and, because of that, nothing can harm her.

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