Pray for harmony in the family

by Christine

Lord, I am turning to you about my parent's problems. They stayed in a resentful marriage and always turn to me for love and problem solutions that are out of my reach. I am really tired and cant seem to move forward. All i want is just for them to be happy and i m failing. I am exhausted having forced to always solve the impossible being between them!


Lord, please grant me strength so i can move forward knowing my path and i would love to support my parents one day when I can pay off my debt. Pleae help me overcome my anxiety and open us up so our family can talk through problems.

Thank you my lord!

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Nov 06, 2012
Its not your Job NEW
by: Anonymous

Its not your job to worry about your parents even though you love them so. If you have done everything you can than be at peace with yourself and simply tell them that you can't continue this and that you were not born to parent them.
I look at things this way! I try to be the best person i can be and falter at time like all of us do. I give people the chance to join me but if they are still negative and unwilling then i don't need them in my life. They are always welcome back but im not changing my faith and values to a lower level to please them. I want to please God and Jesus.

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