Pray for love between me and my ex girlfriend

by Joseph

Dear lord, For over a year I have been seperated from my ex girlfriend, and even now I still want her back. I'm not just asking for you to put some love back in her heart for me, but also to help turn me into a man she can be proud of. To be become better then the person I was yesterday. I pray that she can at least contact me and talk to me about whatever is bothering her. I pray that even if she doesn't come back that she can and I can find happiness in our lives everyday. I pray that I can change who I was a tthe time of our breakup, which probably contributed to it, I pray that I will Never push her away again. I just want to be the best person I can be for both her and myself.


Please Lord, even it if starts out small, help put some love back in between us.

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