pray for me and my family both my daughters and my fiancé

by Luis
(Winston salem nc)

Please pray for me and my family both my daughters and my fiancé I hope that we can be a family again and I found out she is gay now and in a relationship with another woman the woman I've been with ten years isn't tre same person I know once new please bring the woman I loved back and we can raise our family the right way please I ask of this in the lord name to take that gay spirit away from her and for her to open her eyes she spends more time with this lady than her own daughter it's like she is a different person please bring my family back

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Feb 09, 2017
by: Tampa florida

Good morning
My prayers are with you and your family
And your fiance'
Please go to church each Sunday take your daughters
Let your fiance'know you will be there each week
And leave it at that focus on your daughters they
Have you and your Faith they need you more than
Ever and they will see how your strong faith
And grow up to be wonderful adults
As they are wonderful children

Feb 08, 2017
God bless you and your family!

Father God we come to You in prayer as humbly as we know how! Our prayers are sent up to You in the mighty name of Jesus! God You are already aware of our concerns and also aware of our petitions. We call on You God to mend what is broken, heal what is sick, correct what needs to be corrected, open what is closed, close what shouldn't be open, and also to have Your way implemented into our lives . May Your will be done on Earth & in Heaven. God please touch the hearts of those that are in need of comfort. Please ease the minds of those that are troubled in some way, shape, or form. In the mighty name above all other names I rebuke what is against Your will. In the mighty name above all other names I cast out the negative bondage & the evil that prevails for a short moment. My our faith, prayers, worship, acceptance of You, & our love be our stone that takes down the giants. In advance we thank You God for all that You do & for answering our prayers. May Your blessings be our discernment, wisdom, & a retained understanding of what You want from this particular situation & also from any other situations that we may come across. May this family feel Your unfailing comfort & may they know that You are there; no matter what the outcome may be. I ask You God to rescue what needs to be rescued & to crush what needs to be crushed. We love You Heavenly Father and we thank You! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we say Amen!

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