Pray for me please, miracle needed

I am asking for prayers of hope, strength and guidance. I have be abandoned and neglected in all areas of my life recently. By family caught up in perscription drug use, to a job situation that went bad to a 10 year relationship that is in great turmoil due to a closed mind and heart by someone battling hormones, anxiety and depression. In each of these cases I have given 110%. Sacrificed like no other and have had pure intents and had a pure heart to do the right thing. I have let go of the family member and the job. I am having a hard time letting go of the relationship. There does not seem like there is any way possible to mend it, have tried everything I can think of and I am stuck in it for another month minimum. I don't know what to do. I don't give up easily and have been loyal. I just wish they could open their mind and heart to work on mending the relationship. I feel literally trapped in hell for the last 8 months. I don't believe in abandoning when times get tough or someone is down, but don't know where to draw the line and don't know if I have the strength to even do it. I have faith in God but don't know his message right now and that's tough. Feel like I am running out of gas. It would be a miracle for their heart and mind to open and be greatful to the gifts and the home that we have. Please pray for the miracle of her mental healing. I appreciate any thoughts and prayers that will be given.

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Jan 06, 2017
trust in the Lord with all your heart.
by: Anonymous

This sounds too familiar. My time to wait on the Lord, and not to force without His blessing, has covered years. Many things I lack answers to, but His peace I have. And it is not peace that the world gives, it is comfort unlike any other experience. I have not been able to explain myself to any human, and I have tried. His peace is of more value than any earthly posession. Be still and quiet in your place of prayer, and wait for the Lord. Give Him the opportunity to answer

Dec 23, 2016
praying for Gods peace help to strengthen you
by: Anonymous

Dear freind, l pray that God will heal, and restore your relationship.l pray that God will take away all Anxiety and any Mental health problems you or your partner may suffer with due to the stresses of modern everyday life.l pray that God blesses you with everything you need to prosper and l pray that any negative influences completely dissapear from your lives. I pray for your health and that God helps you financially and blesses you with Courage , Wisdom,patience, peace.Remember keep praying God has a plan for you. Hang onto your faith and keep hope in your heart.
Bless you my dear freind. Amen xx

Dec 23, 2016
by: Tampa Florida

Good morning
My prayers are with you and your family
Please go to church each Sunday
Even if by yourself though you are never
Alone in Church Jesus is always with you
But sometimes Jesus needs you also
Invite your significant family member you have
Conflict to join you if not do not push just go
Yourself and listen for Jesus

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