Pray for my marriage and family life

I am going to get married to a man who I have know for 8 month he is a believer and have strong faith . I like him I am going to meet him in India on May 1 and see him first time I ask for prayers I like him when I see him and connect to its him and emotionall more and Mentally more .


Also pray for a relations with no arguments like we do sometime in our life we pick on the smalles things . I pray all the variation In our relationship go away . Have Gud life he gets defensive a lot and maybe I am not able to understand please pray God give me patience in my life with him . I told him a ur my ex and he God upset and I felt like there nutting to feel like because it's past I pray he understands me better I do too please pray for our marriage our marriage is on May 18 .

i just want a peace in my heart I know sometime devil works in my life to ruin what I have I also ask for prays for my restlessness and anxiety please pray for me

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