Pray for my son Otis who is making bad decisions

by Doreen

Please. Pray for my son Otis who is making bad decisions and be led by friends who want to use him. Open his eyes Lord to see what is going on and let him feel God's love and presence always.

He is behaving like the prodigal son and making some grave mistakes.

Lord surround him with good and Righteous people. He has decided to leave the bosom of our family, Lord be with him and help him make all the right decisions. Nothing is impossible for you. Please turn his heart and mind back to be with his family and not strangers who are helping him making bad decisions in order to use him. Give him peace wisdom and let him feel your love. Let him be consumed by God's love and Lord let him want and get to know You. Lord please guide him and let him feel your love right now wherever he is. Amen

Thank you

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