Pray for our 💕 family

(Oburg. Nj)

Pray for me for i am looking for work n need to provide for me n my children my home is in foreclosure n i pray for my son that is 20 years old to be free from jail n his sins! I am desperately looking to get back in the work field after 14 years working for the same company now having to start all over! I pray for god's guidance n blessings during this time of need! I have a wonderful 10 year old that doesn't want anything for xmas except for us to b together in our warm home! He didn't make a list cause he said he doesn't want anything except my love! He is a very good boy n does very good in school! I pray for my xmas gift to a blessing from god in a way of a job where i can give back n hopefully b able to save my home n family! I pray with all my heart please pray us n put all positive energy in our universe!!! God bless !!!!!

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