Pray for Peace of Mind

by Caro

I just moved and am living by myself with no support and friendship. I do most everything alone and am struggling to make things work.


I pray for some sort of companionship or friendship so that I do not feel so hopeless and alone. The past year I was on anti-depressants and have recently stopped taking them. I am looking for natural remedies to cope but it is so hard.

I pray that financially I will be alright and that I get a stable job soon.

Please think of me in your prayers.

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peace of mind
by: Rick

Caro, you may feel that you are all alone in your struggles, but just remember that God is with you at all times watching over you. Take comfort in the idea that many are reading your post and praying for you. So in reality, you have MANY friends in Christ! Keep your head up high, and your mind and heart with God, and He will guide you.

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