Pray I get this job

by Ann

I have been unemployed for two years. My unemployment ran out this week.


I have interviewed for a job and they are checking my background.

Please help me to get this job. I need to contribute to my family, and society by working.

Thank you

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Prayers for the Job
by: Anonymous

I pray you get the right job, even if it isn't this one. God please help this person find a job, I ask this through Saint Jude in Jesus name amen!

pray for job
by: Ann

My job was offered to me then rescinded. I had an offense at my last job, that my manager wrote me up for. It was a family emergency, I couldnt find her, so I told a co worker I had to leave for a half hour. I did not take a lunch break. I did not get paid for the time off. She wrote me up and gave me a final warning....the new job got this message and took the offer away. I pray that they will talk to me and let me explain the situation and re offer me the job. I was gone for a half hour. I had a co worker cover for the department, it was not left unattended. I need to work...I was only trying to help a family member that later passed away at the age of 51....please pray for me.

much thanks
by: Ann

Thank you for the kind words.

praying for you
by: Anonymous

hi, i am one with you in your prayers and I know God will provide you more than what you have prayed for...regards

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