Pray that my son knows that i do truly love him no matter what was said in anger .

by God Knows who I AM

I know that we say things in life that seems to bring the worst out of us both

each time we get angry with each other .Hopefully you are not hurt by the words used by both when we spoke in anger . I for one think about you for days later because i always will say to myself what if something happened
to you a son whom i do honestly care about and love very much in this life.
My only wish is that you know this love i have for you instead of the hateful
words we said to each other in anger . I know there were times that we both
have said we were sorry but please understand son that i am only human
and there are times i may let you down and what i say or do you may not
approve but that does not mean the true love that i have in my heart at
all times for you are not there . All i ask is that you can always feel the love
and forgiveness that i feel inside for you no matter what was said at the time
of anger to each other son .

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