Pray to have a better Marriage

God I pray that you can help my marriage I pray day n night that my marriage will get better I myself been dealing with this for 15 yrs it's not getting any better I feel like I'm the one who is fighting for this marriage's take two for a marriage to work's try my best to be a perfect wife I do my duty ...I try not to argue back because I don't want matter to get worst ...but I feel as if I'm at fault all the time event hough I don't do r say anything wrong I get yell at all the time ...I'm tired of crying, I tired of trying i want a good marriage I need help i don't know what to do anymore I love my husband but when I'm with him I don't feel that connection bc he doesn't feel the same I can sense it because the love is not there ..


he never tell me that he love me or kiss me good morning r goodbye it's always me ,he as my husband never tell me that I'm pretty r nice ...God I need help I can't do it anymore I pray for your help everyday God tell me what do I need to do God give me the strength because I feel I'm at the weakest part of my life I cry myself to sleep because I'm longing for his love an I know that I won't get it God please help me

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