Prayer against lust

by Hope Always

Dear Father Lord,


I have sinned again. Please forgive me. Please help me to resist temptation and not fall into the trap of lust again.

My relationship with my ex is gone and I know only you could mend it and change his heart. Please God, please save our relationship. I really miss him so badly and I don't want to contact him further to face only being ignored and rejected. Please help me to soften his heart again and make him realise that I am the one for him who has been with him all these years and I would stand by him. Lord, please make him realise my love for him and my care for him.

I am really at a loss what to do to save our relationship. Deep in my heart, I know I love him a lot and would treasure him. Please give us and me a chance and help me to change and not commit sexual sin anymore.

Only You could save us. Father Lord, thanks for your patience and care for me.

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Prayer against lust
by: Leonard

I love my girlfriend, Lean so much and I don't want to hurt her and be mistaken lust as love...thanks for this prayer!

Prayer against lust
by: Hope Always

Thanks for your prayers too and I really appreciate that

support prayer
by: Anonymous

i support your pray and pray that your sincere apologies are accepted and wishes granted. We need to thank the lord , that we can actually talk to him and let our fears known to him and receive blessings from him. Praise the lord. Amen

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