Prayer against those who steal my money

by Joshua

Father in the name of Jesus I bind and rebuke any demon that tries to steal my money and I command you to let go of my finances right now in the name of Jesus, RELEASE! In the name of Jesus. Devil I command you to let go off my finances right now in Jesus name. (cough until you feel like something is coming out) Father in Jesus name I ask for financial blessings and miracles and I bind and rebuke any demon that would try to come against my prayer for finances right now in Jesus name, Amen.


In your name I pray.

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Feb 18, 2017
to get back my money who conned me
by: Anonymous

heavenly father ur able to provide for financial situation. God help me recover my from Lucy n Miriam .. in the mighty name of Jesus I leave the battle at our fight .God fight for me cos vengeance belongs to you.. may they never knew or get peace till they pay back my money..lord help me get my money within 5days. in Jesus name I do pray trusting and believing

Dec 03, 2016
Debt recovery
by: Anonymous

A family i trusted borrowed 500,000 thousand naira from me, on the 3rd of oct 2015, and up till now, they hv not returned my money, its over a year. Pls raise urvoices with me towardsheaven that the igbonekwu's family will not know peace unless they refund my money in full, from now to 15th december 2016. Thank u.

Nov 28, 2016
Money Taken
by: Anonymous

Father in the name of Jesus, I ask that you bind the devil and his demons. Make them return the money that has been stolen from everyone who has enlisted your help on this page.

You know the name of every person that has been scammed, misused, abused, taken for granted, stolen from and walked over by so called friends.

Lord your word says that vengeance is yours, that the battle is the Lord's. Help those that are named to wait upon you, knowing that you will right the wrong.

As they wait, let them be thankful that they see the truth about those they once trusted, help them to live their lives in boldness and not fear which is what the devil wants them to do because he only comes to steal, kill and destroy.

But we cast all those things down in the name of Jesus and send them straight back to the pit of hell where they originated.

Brought and covered with the blood of Jesus, allow those that are hurting to rise up in your power and strength to become all that you have called them to be and become in the name of Jesus for it is a given that in that name, no weapon formed against them will prosper.

Have your way Lord in their lives. Let this be a time for them to remember to draw close to you and your word and remain in it even after the blessing has been poured out on their lives. Let their lives never be the same again.

Show them the fruits of your spirit Lord and let those fruits bloom in their lives right now Lord.

Teach them to pray for those that have betrayed them. Jesus is our role model, He prayed for those that spitefully abused Him. Help us all to learn to do the same.

Help them to learn to wait and lean on You to be patient as You do the work behind the scene that they can not even see or grasp. For all things will work out for their good if they wait and lean on You and let You set the wrongs right.

Fill their minds with peace beyond compare or imagination. Allow songs of praise to rise up in their spirits right now and pour forth from their lips. For praise is what we are commanded to do at all times, whether happy or sad, when things are going right or when there are challenges.

Let them see the good in life and focus on that more than what they see is wrong.

God, be their strength and courage in the midnight hour. I ask You to place their feet on the right paths, cover them, lead them, guide them, direct them, protect them, shield them, strengthen them and then bless them as only You can in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Nov 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have prayed for God to arrest them but seriously my heart aches. I met a poultry farmer on FB to supply my eggs and chickens to enable me contribute to the welfare of my family, but this guy and his partner never supply the goods and never picked their calls. Lord you said you will rebuke the devour for mine sake please please do. Let the fire of the holy spirit put them in an uncomfortable manner so that they will return my money back before the end of this month (November 2016). Amen

Oct 27, 2016
prayer to get may money to the fraudster
by: Anonymous

I trust and believe god to arrest thise fraudster and bring my money back god of my father major one send angels to arrest this people now in Jesus name

Jun 04, 2016
Prayer for a Thief
by: Victor

I am thankful for this prayer because my friend stole my R10 after smoking weed.I pray for him heavenly father

May 02, 2016
a man WHO work for a shipping company come at my home i gave him a hundred dollars to pick up he did not give me any paper
by: Anonymouing

I call shipping comp y by the name south Carib I ask them to come pick up a barell at my home and how much it cost they said it 100.00 .they send a man when he called me I went to opened the door he. Was at my apartment he SK me the number of the person were it is going I gave him the address were it is also written o. The barrel. He said it would take 3 to 4 week s
My family haven't received the barrell I call the company they told me that if I do t ha w a. I.coins e I do not have a barrel cause he k ow that he did not give me any paper. He tool 100..00 and the items I. The barrelled coat 1000.00 dollars

Dec 20, 2015
by: Catarina

I fell into a trap of supplying chickens to a fellow country woman in a foreign land ,my heart bleeds that i didnt see it coming was excited i would finally give my children a lovely christmas since we have had it tough for 3years now what do i do please pray for me ...Amen

Nov 02, 2015
A friend stole my money
by: Anonymous

Thank you very.
A friend of mine convinced me to invest three hundred thousand rand in his company. It's been more than two years now and now the friendship is no more. He doesn't allow to get to his house nor does he answer my calls. I trust that God will pay me back 1000 fold. Amen

Jan 08, 2015
Stolen Finances
by: Anonymous

I'm glad I found this site. I had some money stolen from me
earlier in the week, but I thank God for his restoration power.
I thank God for this prayer to call my finances back to order and to
close the gap the enemy is trying to use to leave me with nothing.
Thank you for destroying ALL of these things against me and my child: any curses, evil prayers, permanently
destroying any witchcraft , scattering and destroying those gathering praying for my demise permanently, permanently destroy and remove secret enemies in Jesus name. I'm believing God will return EVERYTHING 1,000 fold!!!

Sep 01, 2011
Thank you
by: Fey

Thank you Joshua, for showing me this prayer. I think I am in the same problem but I don't know how to explain the situation. I am working- but still I am struggling financially.

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