Prayer Box Necklaces
and Pendants

Prayer box necklaces can be the perfect spiritual gift to yourself or for someone you love. These beautiful necklaces and pendants can help you keep your prayers close to your heart as go about your daily routine.

The necklace form of the prayer box allows you to take your prayers with you wherever you go, keeping them close to your heart. Below are some nice prayer box necklaces and pendants and links to where you can purchase them.

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The Inspirational Prayer Box Pendant and Necklace

This is one of the most popular necklaces you'll find on Amazon. It has a 5 Star Rating and is quite beautiful.

One buyer reviewed the necklace saying, "This turned out to be more beautiful than the picture. It was the nicest one I've seen..."

A Silver Prayer Box Pendant

This is a nice silver prayer box pendant that opens so you can put actual keepsakes inside.

It's nice and simple, not too flashy.

A Celtic Prayer Box Pendant with Necklace

Here is a Celtic cone shaped prayer box that is quite ornate. It is adorned with a crowned heart and has a lid that opens so you can keep things inside.

This pendant includes an 18 inch chain as well...

An Elongated Prayer Box

Here is another beautiful prayer box charm and necklace from Amazon. It is elongated so it will be easier to keep an actual prayer inside.

To store your prayer, just write it out on a skinny strip of paper, and then roll it tight and place it inside the charm.

More Places to Buy Prayer Box Necklaces

If you'd prefer your necklace be hand made, you can find a lot of interesting items at

Here are some truly beautiful wooden ones.

Prayer box necklaces

Prayer box necklace

Prayer boxes have been used by many cultures and many faiths. Traditionally, people will write their prayers on a piece of paper, and place it in the box until the prayer comes true.

You can also put other religious items into a prayer box. Some people use prayer boxes as urns, placing a little bit of their loved one's ashes.

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