prayer for a and m and p and s and l and l and r and d and a and j and o and l and ap to get money and out of debt and never get in debt again thank you

by help plz

father i pray for a and s and p and m and l and r and l and o and l and and m and p and a and ap and b and j and mhtb and e and d and b and s and mhtb and m and c

to all get out of debt and to never get in debt again
bring them all to salvation too father and hel them mentally and physically spiritually and emotionally take away any desires for them to buy ehat they cannot afford so they dont get in debt father i take authority over the thief stealing any money you have for them and me incluidng tbtacad and i say grace grace to this mountain, in Jesus name thank you father we receive it in your time amen

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