Prayer for a Better Life

by Kirsten

I pray to you Lord for means to a better life for me and those I care for. I want a better life for them without worry and to be able to provide the things we need.


I have made mistakes and I pray for forgiveness from those and for the means to correct the mistakes I have made and to start afresh and help others. I pray for a financial windfall to help me to do this.

I know I have not been as good a person as I could be and wish I could turn back time to live the last few years over again and do better then I would and hope that I could get the chance to help others

I trust in your infinite wisdom, power and glory and pray to you to help me to help myself and to help others.

I am so close to losing everything and ending all but I do not want to commit this sin.

Please pray for me in my hours of desperation

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