prayer for a better situation at work

by sherif19
(the world)

My job is very stressful, lately i have been feeling stressed and not motivated . I began to take my job for granted and instead of praying about it , i started gossiping with colleagues about our boss or even other colleagues.


while doing it i felt bad , but i still did it .
Last week i had a big argument with a colleague at work. Im not the person to argue or fight at work, i hate to be filled with so much negativity .
in the same week , i found out that i made a mistake at work which could lead to problems with our contracts , i ve been praying that nobody will realize that it was my mistake and that somehow the contracts will get thru .

I m still very hopeful that everything will be well.
I just want to pray for a better situation at work , more laughter more positivity and creativity , i want to stay out of gossip and do a great job .
Please also help me pray that my mistake will not come out and that the contracts will go thru without any problems .

i know GOD is able .
i also pray to be good at what i do and to get the appreciation of my boss .

God Bless you and i will keep you in my prayers as well


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