Prayer for a Blessed House to live

by Jesse
(San Juan Capo, Ca, USA)

I prayed everyday that I would live in a beautiful house until I retired. I thank God for every blessing He gave me. However, this one special prayer to live in a beautiful home is something I need help on praying. I was once a victim of deceitfulness. People deceived me before. and yet I forgave them.


Right now, I'm living in a place about to foreclose. My credit had been bad since I was deceived by my business partners. I have fallen before and I stood up with the help of Jesus Christ. But right now I need Jesus again, before I get evicted.I beg of you to help me pray and be bless with a home. So that I could share my blessings to my family and friends.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I will be blessed with a beautiful home to live. Amen.

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