Prayer for a breakthrough job

Dear Father God,

Blessed be your Holy Name. You know all my needs, my innermost desires and aspirations for a better life for me and my family. May I ask for a job. I have been without work for 8 months and I am so grateful to you for providing everything we need.

But please give me a job that it may be a source of blessing for my children and me for us to become better persons and so others may see your goodness and that we become a living testimony of your great love and mercy.
We have been in financial difficulties for 4 years now and may I ask for financial breakthrough with a job. Give me a job which is not difficult to allow me to review for my board exams and help me pass my board exam on June 25 that I may get a job with a higher pay.

Help me please Father God, my cognitive abilities and memory have been affected by the difficulties and problems I had for these past years. Please forgive all my sins. I know I am experiencing these problems because of sins and bad choices.

Please forgive my sins and may I ask for cleansing and redeeming love of Jesus to cover all my sins and to show me the paths of righteousness so I can have a new and better life for me and my family.

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