Prayer for a broken heart

by renee
(mobile alabama)

Lord hear my cry. he hurt my heart please hear my cry. I have been good to him and he hurt my heart please father show me the way the light and the path. I have not always been perfect, but god u no I have been good to this man.

I always take him back but he always seems to stab me in my back lord please help me right now im hurt lord yes iam and i pray to u lord that u will see fit lord offer me someone that will love me and my kids lord i need u now yes i do i need u right now my father im hurting deep inside and i know u hear my cry so lord please show me the way.-amen

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God sent him to me
by: casey

Please pray for me....I had been beaten so badly by an ex boyfriend that I almost died ....I was alone for so long after and then I found god and I wasn't alone...I asked God to send me a wonderful man who I could marry and be with forever. And God provided me with the most wonderful man I have ever met...we have talked of marriage and everything has been perfect.....but something changed and I don't know why....I have made mistakes but I have asked God for help and have become a better person now than in my life before. My wonderful man somehow forgot about all the things that he loved and he lost his faith in my yearning to not lose what God gifted to me. I try with all my heart with all my being.....but I can't do it alone...pray he comes back to me that he believes my heart is of pure intention and that we can find again the love God blessed us with...This is not about infidelity or something irreparable. .....This is just about patience and understanding. him to see the love please pray that he sees gods light

Pray for us
by: Anonymous

Please pray for my marriage. We are not in our strongest state and he wants to leave because we have been going in circles. We separated for a month and was going on track with the help of a therapist. Now we feel the need to want out of the relationship but I don't think we tried hard enough to work at it. Marriage takes work and I want to make sure that we are doing the right thing instead of thinking we are saying the right thing because we are mad. Pray for us as I do love him and want to grow old with him and enjoy what this cruel world has to offer. Please.

Pray for all of us
by: Anonymous

Lord pls pray for all the woman who fall in love as have I. It's a love so deep we cannot continue I pray for faith because we must find faith in The Lord and believe that all we need is god. We woman have fallen dependent of this conditional love ( that only loves when he wants or when he has needs) we loose faith in this unconditional love that The Lord provides you I pray for accepting The Lord in my heart and have faith that he will heal all my hurt.

Broken Heart
by: Maricka Coleman

I met my husband and we dated for 5 months than we got married. I was already established , I owned my own home,and automobile . And I was raised not live with a man out of wedlock. So being as we had dated for a while I truly fell in love with my husband and he pretended that he loved me to . Things were good until I married him . Than he began to mistreat me , he yelled , cussed, and argued constantly for know reason. I was so confused I didn't know whether I was going or coming . Everything and anything I said I was wrong. I couldn't understand why he was treating me so bad , all I ever did was tried to love him and make welcome in the my home . He's 16 yrs older . This was the man I intended to spend the rest of my life with . He began having affairs on me and I found out about it and confronted him about it . Well Of course he denied it . But at the same time he made fun of me with females he was getting close to, in the church that I brought him to and introduced him to my pastor and he joined about 2 years we were both installed as a deacon and deaconess together and he began to treat worst than ever . I spoke to the pastor about everything and he just brushed off as if he didn't care . This has been going on for five years now so I put him out. But I'm still very hurt deep within my heart because I really loved him , and he found it necessary to hurt me so bad and fought against me without a cause . Please pray for me to gain the strength that I need on this journey . Thank You and may the peace of the LORD be multiplied unto you .

My Broken Heart
by: Anonymous

Last week my boyfriend found out that I lied to him about somthing small but not a bad lie I told him that I was so sorry and he said we will forget about it but he hasn't forgiven me yet, he does not tell me that he loves me like he used to, he would tell me every day more than once a dayI love u, we have been going out for 2/12 years I really love this man with my whole heart, he has hurt me so many times and I always take him back because I love him so much and he also is my best friend. Please say a prayer for us I need him back in my life,

lord help me
by: Anonymous

help me lord pls.. to forget him.. give me more things to do just to forget him.. guide me oh lord and this baby with me :( i know its hard but i know i can with you my lord ...he hurt me so much.. i dont know if i can afford to face him. but pls give me a strong heart not to show that i cannot live without him.. bless me lord and my kids...

Prayer for Renee
by: Wendy

Please lift Renee up during her time of sadness. Lord a broken heart is devastating and hurts so much. You know that Lord because your heart was bruised and broken too. You know how hard it is to go on when you can't think of anything else except how much you hurt. You know Lord what it feels like to be dumped by someone you love so much. You feel our aches and pains Lord and you know our hearts. Please heal Renee Lord and bring her happiness. Please prepare her heart and the heart of the one you have meant just for her, so that when they meet, they will be ready. Please bless Renee Lord and during this time, please bring her peace and joy and help her to find things to keep her busy as she works through her sadness. Only you Lord can do this. Please mend her heart and give it back to her whole. We know that anything we ask in your name, you will do so I ask these things in your precious son's name. AMEN

Restore healing marriage health love
by: Anonymous

Let me have faith again love to trust people to dnt give up to b strong to love myself to find a job to b independent for myself to not. Always depend on hubby please I need independence protection against witchedcraft or anybody that wnts t destroy me hdz fam

Restore healing marriage
by: Anonymous

Let me have faith again love to trust people to dnt give up to b strong to love myself to find a job to b independent for myself to not. Always depend on hubby please I need independence protection against witchedcraft or anybody that wnts t destroy me hdz fam

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