prayer for a debt free life

by Sam

Dear St. Jude. Please help me pray for financial blessings. I am in a deep financial trouble right now. Every month my salary is not enough to pay off my monthly debt dues that's why I always take cash advances just to cover the monthly dues which adds higher interest from the advances which cause my debts to increase every month because I only pay the minimum dues.


I don't even have money to pay for my basic needs and for my family. I am relying with my credit cards and friends for my daily basic needs like food, transportation and accommodation. I just want to live a debt-free life. Please pray for me as I feel so miserable especially during every end of the month.

I have been suffering this problem for years and I have never gotten out of this situation. Please pray for me St. Jude. In Jesus name, Lord God please hear my prayers. Amen.

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May 23, 2014
by: Usa

I pray for you this morning
Go to church each Sunday
Even if alone can you get a fresh start ?
Is bankruptcy available
Read the Bible re debt l
The Lord hears you !

May 23, 2014
You're Debt Free
by: Anonymous

I can relate to you and know that God has heard your prayer. I am also seeking God for a debt free life. I have received this and claimed it by FAITH. He is in the miracle working business and seek God for a debt free life this year. God's revelation he gave me earlier this year (THIS IS THE YEAR OF NO MORE DELAYS). This inspiration has helped me to be reminded of what God is going to do when I begin to feel low in my spirit. I continue to hold on strongly and strive not to let go. God bless you

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