Prayer for a financial breakthrough and a closer walk with God.

by Lateefah

Dear God,

I come to you as humble as I know how. Lord God I know that you know my situation but Lord God I want you to know that I am in dire need of a financial blessing today.

Lord GOD I also thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family and for those we are about to receive. Lord God I ask that you continue to keep my family safe and guide us in the correct path. Thank you Lord God, Amen

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Prayer for immediate financial help
by: Brown( kuching, sarawak)

Dear Lord, thank you for given me this opportunity to voice out my hardship. Dear brothers and sisters in christ please help me to pray to our Lord that I will receive the blessing from him and fulfill my wish. I am in deep financial problems having difficulties to pay up my personal loans and other outstanding bills. Recently my daughter got offer to further her study and make me even worried.How am I going to look for money to support her when I don't even have any saving neither do I have enough to spend on daily food to survive. I am a single mother and no one else to turn to . Lord I know that you are the most almighty and rich in miracles. Let those people who rejoice in my despair all these while believed that you have answered my pray. Thank you Lord for protecting and shine the right path for me.

Please Lord Hear my Plead
by: Anonymous

Praying Lord that your blessing will be given to today, we are financial hard up,Jesus I trust in you!

He is nearer than you have imagined!
by: Anonymous

May your prayers be answered by the Almighty God.

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