Prayer for a financial breakthrough and growth spiritually

by Erica

I am asking for prayer for my family to receive a financial breakthrough. I have made several mistakes that have seem to stop our growth and I have been praying for years, I am under the impression that I am doing something wrong and I need pray to get it right spiritually, internally, externally, all areas of my life. I want my family growth to continue so that I can stop crying silently, so that I can stop the fear, so that I can stop hiding from life. I feel like such a failure, the standards of this world seem to place me in an outcast mode. Please pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My plea for help
by: Cindy

Dear Lord, i am asking for a breakthrough financially and spiritually. i feel as though i have failed my family as well as myself and that i have failed you as well. i go to church on a regular basis and i read my bible as often as i can . i am asking this in Jesus name .

by: Anonymous

I need a finacial break through. God has truly blessed me and I sincerely thank him for it. I need a fast finacial break through. My children's father passed away recently. God has found us a home to rent with option to buy. Through God a friend of my children's fahter gave us the first months rent and now I need the security deposit.
I have to pay rent where I live at this time and that is why I am unable to come up with the money now.
Please pray that I receive the money by Friday October 26, 2012. Through Christ all things are possible.
Please pray for us.

God Bless YOu

in answer to sister ericka in florida & others like us in need financial miracles from open heaven
by: Anonymous

god is loving faithful & tfue i feel as if he 's heard our cries, & certainly it's more than 2 or 3 gathered togetheref on this site in his name & those thay wait daily @ god's postgate faithfully lets continually plead the blood for each others case & this website be used to continually help gods cholfren in need. to god be the glory forever & ever in jesus nsme we pray....faithfully amen

Prayer for a financial breakthrough
by: Anonymous

Dear Erica,

I feel as if you are speaking to me, I feel like such a failure financially and can't seem to do anything right. My family is suffering because of this. Your words have made me feel as if I am not the only person in the world who feels like an outcast and drowning in debt. I would like to enjoy the world and the beautiful things God has given us; however, I am forever concentrating on money worries and unable to see the beautiful things around me.

May God answer both our prayers,

Brain surgery all money maxed out had to go on disability
by: Kathryn

Please dear lord I need a financial miracle as soon as possible. Ihave prayed and prayed every day and know you will let me know when it is time. Could you please grant this miracle for my family. I have not given up on prayer or will I ever give up I have see too many miracles in my life time and I would not been here 3 times for car accidents I had brain surgery and now on disability need a mine miracle to pay the money back I have borrowed from family members please dear god I pray in your name lord Jesus Christ to give me this miracle as soon as possible. Amen

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