Prayer for a Fresh Start

by Lindsay

Lord Jesus, Father God-

I come humbly to you. My husband and I have failed as a couple to make wise choices. I pray you continue to help us make better choices to take care of our family. Lord, we have so much debt. We are continuously working to find ways to relieve this debt and pay those we owe the money we owe them. It seems to get heavier and heavier as we attempt to do right.

We do not want to walk away from those whom have helped us. You have blessed me with family and love, good health and amazing friends, I come to you asking for a financial blessing so that my husband and I may pay off our debt and have a new beginning financially.

I know Lord that the only way out of this mess is through you. I thank you Lord for you love and protection. Please bless my family so that we may move on in our walks together.
In Jesus name.

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