Prayer for a Friendship

by Betiyo

I truly care about my friend, I would do anything to be there for her in times of need, I will always try my best to be that support for her in anything she needs. It may be because I some what have feelings for her, but this is truly an amazing girl with a real sweet heart that I couldn't see just leaving my life. Since I met her, I've always done the most from my part to be there for her and let her know I'll never let her suffer through anything by herself. I haven't seen her in a long time, we spoke not too long ago, I don't know what the case may be, but since the last time we spoke, several times I've tried to contact her but sometimes I never got a response. It's really exhausting trying to be the one put a lot of effort in. Our friendship use to be so close, and I pray that it may be like it once use to be. I always pray that she may take to heart and recognize everything I've done for her and soon one day communicate herself with me. I truly do miss her but it would feel much more coming from her. Please you guys, I ask that you guys help me with this prayer. All Im asking is to recover a friendship. I met her exactly a year ago, so its really sad knowing that a year later our friendship was going to change. Please help me recover this friendship I have as my highest thought day to day. Please you guys. Please

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