Prayer for a humble heart

by Lyn

Dear Lord,


I humbly come before you to make a better wife by trusting my husband again. My heart is full of pain, anger and hatred towards him. Still, Lord, I cannot find the answer why I have to go through this stage in my married life that involves another girl.

He told me that the relationship had been stop even before I knew it. But then Lord, I cannot accept that he cheated on me after giving up so many things to support him and his career. The way I see things, I already lost all the trust and now I am trying to locate if there is still love in my heart for him. He already admitted his guilt and was sorry for it.

I know Lord that only a humble and forgiving heart can accept and go through with life and deal with where I am right now. Please Lord, give me a humble heart so that I can still love my husband in spite of pain that he caused me. Though we never told our kids about it, I know they are aware of our situation. Please Lord, help and bless me.

Thank you, Lord.

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