Prayer for a Job and Rebuild My Happiness in a Better Workplace

Lord, I put my needs in your hands. I have been granted such courage and grace by you to perform very well in the interview. I know I have failed you before, and been less than what you want me to be. I ask you to grant me this job, and pray that I have the opportunity to rebuild my happiness in a better position and workplace.


I ask for the change to bring something wonderful to this company. I ask for the chance to prove myself to them. Lord grant me patience today as I wait for the call. I pray for forgiveness for myself and my past. Lord, I know you have a plan for us all. I pray for this job so I can take care of my family and myself like you have always cared for me.

Lord, I want to be able to call my mom with good news today. She has been so worried for me, and I want her to not be so stressed. I know sometimes the answer to prayers is no, and I know you are leading me to where I need to be according to your plan. I pray for strength to deal with this uncertainty, worry, and regret. I felt your intervention at the interview, and I felt you in their hearts as I was there. I pray for those who are also unemployed, and struggling.

I pray for those less fortunate than me and am grateful for all of the blessings I have received. Again, i pray to get this job today, and hope that you are not angry at me for asking. amen

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