Prayer for a job offer today

St. Jude, I pray that you will bless my husband with the job offer today. He is a good man who has not been dealt the best cards in life (yet he has never saw it that way). Where I see selfish man who gains joy from seeing his children cower in fear at the sight of him and draining all hope from them through beatings and berating - he sees his father, a man misguided whom he secretly hopes will turn over a new leaf one day. Where I see a woman with so little will and hope herself, thus none to give her children fail to protect them from their own father, he sees his mother. The woman who did her best and is still doing her best. He sees the woman who would cry for him and tell him he's worth something, even if it is just to her. He did not grow up with much means and yet here he is today walking a good path, working to achieve what others say he cannot - not to prove them wrong, but simply because he believes that God helps those who help themselves. He gave up his youth to secure a future for us and the family we hope to one day afford. He went for a final round of interview at this pharmaceutical company yesterday and we are praying that he gets the job. He needs it...


Please St. Jude, I know we all have many lessons to learn in life - patience, humility, preservation, faith, etc...but please don't teach him anything by not giving him the job. That would be very hard on him.

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