Prayer for a Lesson Learned

by Oscar

Oh my Lord, I realize you will never give me more than I can handle, but most of my life has been difficult. I am blessed to have children that love me no matter what and prayers answered to keep my pets safe. I recently lost my job mostly because I could not let go of a wrong someone had done to me.


I realize I have to forgive to move on. Please Oh Lord I need a job so bad not only for financial reasons, but peace of mind. I am hoping to receive a call from a position I applied for, but I need your help and I promise I will never hold a hatred for anymore, no matter how evil I think they are. Please give me another chance and I will never be dishonest again.

Oh Lord I want to change my life and be a good person. I realize this is a lesson for me and a hard one to learn. Please help me get this job and give me a second chance.

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