Prayer for a Lost and Broken Child

by Plangji

Am a 24 year old orphan, my mother was a single parent who raised me and my 2 sisters, she died when i was 18 and everything she left for us was taken away by our relatives, i left my country with the hope that i might get a job, to help my sisters, but 6 years now, i have no job, no place to call home, i have been moving from one place to another,every job i apply i get rejected,even the small money i save to start something either get stolen or the business crumble.


Right now i am not even sure how to get food to eat the next day, all i have is a secondary school certificate, which can not even get me a cleaning job here in Ghana. i cant go home, because there is a serious religious fight and Christians are been killed everyday.

right now my only friend who has been helping me with a place to sleep, has told me he is moving to his parents places so i have to find a place to stay, i dont know where to go next..i cant give all account of the suffering am going through everyday but please help pray for me i dont know if this is spiritual, but it feels like God has forsaken me.

Please pray for me,I need a place to live, i want to go back to school someday, i need job to help support me and my sisters back home, i need God to send someone to help me God.

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