Prayer for a Lost Friendship

I made mistakes and lost contact with a dear friend I love and value. I have asked for forgiveness but I fear they no longer want me as a friend. I'm hurting and ask for prayer that they will believe my sincerity and forgive my errors and some day return. I miss them very much.


Thank you Lord for strength through this.

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Prayer for the lost friendship
by: Anonymous

I'm in fact in the reverse position. And I'd be so happy if you try your best just to say hi and make a contact with me somehow someway. You have no idea that even now I still have no holdbacks or bad feelings even if it really hurts me all that time. I'd love to hear from you about anything. You might not know that it makes me sad the most that our friendship stopped and wanted it so bad to continue. Please have no fear. A rejection doesn't always mean the end but don't push it. Make it clear you are there for them no matter what. I'll pray for you and me. Thanks!

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