Prayer for a loving mum

by T

Throughout my childhood I was away from my mum and dad. I only started living with them in my late teens. I suppose my mum never developed that bond with me. I always wanted my mum to hug me in difficult situations and say we can get through this together.


It always used to hurt me when I never had any emotional support from her. On top of that, she always want me to sacrifice my happiness for my sister. As a teenager, I was never allowed to spend some time out with friends, go to prom or anything. After listening to everything she says, she always say I'm selfish and does not care about family. It hurts me so much because the core of the decisions I take is my family.

I pray for a loving mom (or a motherly person) so I can experience what it feels like to have a caring mum and I also I pray for no one to have a mum like mine.

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Jan 20, 2016
Praying for you
by: Anonymous

St. Jude please intercede in granting her the desires of her heart. Thank you.

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