Prayer for a lucrative job

by Alyssa
(Pompano Beach, FL)

Dearest St. Jude,


I come before you today, to ask that you intercede in my life & help me find a new apartment that I can reasonably afford on my own so I can get myself & my daughter out of our current living situation. It is toxic & needs to be rectified ASAP!!! I can't go on like this. In turn, however, I ask that you lead me to the job of my dreams & help me build my business...both my at home & secular if need be.

I also pray that you send me my one & only soulmate; my other half & fill this void in my heart. There are 3 men in particular that I cannot get out of my mind or out of my heart (Danny, Amos & Angelo). I ask you to light the way & show me who I am destined to be with eternally.

Thank you in advance for answering my prayers as I keep my faith in you.

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