Prayer for a miracle for finances

by Sarah

Dear God, I am so sorry for all of my sins, and for loosing faith in you. I try as we are able to get out of sebt. I also wantbto be able to give back to our community. to always have faith in you, but at times I loose my way. Please God, grant me a financial miracle. I or someone in my family need to win the lottery. I don't care which lottery we win, just as long as we are able to get out of debt. I also want to be able to help our extended family and our community. Please also god help me with the loan papers that I have to fill out, so that they will go through without a problem.


I want to do better lord, I do not know where else to turn at this point Lord, I am at the end of my rope and the end of the line. Please forgive my thoughts of ending everything, and quickly come to my assistance. Thank you for your help.

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