Prayer for a Miracle in my Marriage

by Joey
(Black Mountain, NC)

Lord I come before you as your child. God I pray for a miracle in my marriage.


I pray you restore my family.God I pray for my wife, I pray you keep her safe and healthy. Lord I pray you set her in the middle of your will.I pray you allow her to see my heart and prove me. I pray as you did me you place a deep and sharp conviction in her.

She is your child Lord and she is not seeking your will. God I ask you to remove the demons in our marriage and break the chains that are separating us in the name of Jesus Christ! I pray you save our family and put us together for your Glory and your Purpose. Lord what you have put together let no man put us under. I pray Lord you place the burden of being not only a Godly husband and wife but Godly parents as well. Lord I know you detest divorce and God I pray it be stopped in the name of Jesus right now.

Lord I come before you in humility and obedience and pray you show me the right things to say and do. I pray you give me peace and understanding and the Holy boldness to do my job as a Godly Husband. Lord I also pray to the other man. I pray you give him a a deep and sharp conviction as well. Lord I lift him up to you and ask you show him he is coming between a sacred vow me and my wife to you. I pray Lord you create a Spirit of forgiveness and and renewed Love between us.and deliver us from self-centeredness,anger and resentment. Lord this is my cry! Bind Satan and his workers Lord. I cast them out in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord I thank you for this and raise my hand in your Honor and Glory.

God I seek you face in this matter and ask each of these things in the Blessed name of Jesus Christ..... Amen

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