Prayer for a new job

by Geraldine
(Kigali, Rwanda)

I am praying to God a new job. My current employer is frustrating on basis of my tribal background and they are pushing me to resign, by frustrating me work.

I have worked for this company for the last 4 years and during that time, i have always given my best. Infact, i have earned myself two promotions within that time.

I am trusting in God my Provider to open up a new job, where i can work without malice or frustrations.

I beleive in His promises that no one comes to Him will ever be disappointed. God please I beg for your mercy and grace, that You may open a opportunity. I have sent many applications out there and even gone for several interviews.

I will still continue to send the applications and pray to God that He may have mercy on me. I know He can if He wants.

I trust in Him.

All Angels and Saints, please pray for me.

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