Prayer for a Paternity Test to Become Negative

Dear Lord, please let my soul mates paternity test come out negative. As we both try to overcome lives of loneliness and despair, please prevent this woman from attempting to come between us and prevent her from taking away the small income my sweet man has been able to accumulate, as she has already stated to others she is wanting to do.


Our hearts and souls had just begun to heal, and a previous sonogram had shown him not to be the father. Please do not allow us to be tortured by this woman for the rest of our days. I humbly request your assistance and offer, in return, to allow you to relieve a child's pain by placing that pain into me. I do not ever want anything for nothing.

Please allow me to offer that child and the family a miracle of their own using me, in order to receive my miracle. I thank you and praise you with every fiber of my being. Amen

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No Luck
by: Anonymous

Thank you everyone anyway but test came back positive and the torture has begun. She is now trying to steal him from me :(

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