Prayer for a permanent good paying job

by Katherine

Father God I ask in Jesus name that you by your great love, mercy, favor and power hear and answer this prayer for a miracle for my husband Tim to land a permanent good paying job near our home. We have prayed and searched and seeked for an answer to this prayer for 3 years now.


I feel like I cannot bear anymore of the finanicial pressures of not enough money to pay our bills and be able to enjoy some of the things in life that require money.

Like being able to visit my children, grandchildren and mom. Please God send us a miracle of employment and end this finanicial famine we have been in for too long. I implore you in the sweet and loving name of Jesus.

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Bless us with financial increases with new permanent jobs
by: Ladaysha and Emanuel

Dear Heavenly Father I come to you and ask that you bless me and my fiance with new jobs with pay increases that will help us to be able to not only get a house to live in but our own house that we can afford together. Bless us with stability within our new jobs that we can make them a career with advancement opportunities and the careers have kids friendly hours and days. I ask you to help me find this career asap as I just lost my job Friday based off lies. I know it's your will and your way and you will not put more on me then I can bare and I ask that this blessing of a career be one that I am going to love doing and getting for work every day will be a joy to see the people that I work with and for. In your name I pray AMEN.

Jesus please pray for us so
by: Anonymsous

Jesus please pray for us so that my husband will get a permanent job in his notice period itself .
Let his CV be selected and he will appear in interview with the grace of holy spirit and get a good job.

In desperate need of a good paying job
by: Anonymous

I had raise 3 kids on low paying jobs.I gave up a lot to make sure they were well provided for and their needs taken care.Now I'm in desperate need for my well being.I'm trying to hold strong and keep my faith(since I've looked 21 years for a good paying job)its really getting old waiting for a phone call.Please lord answer my prayer.

Praying for a permanent good paying job
by: Nevette

Dear Sweet Jesus in Heaven,

Please continue to come into my life.
I am awed by your love and mercy
and thank you for all that you have
already done for me.
I am seeking a permanent overnight
job so that I can pay my bills with
peace of mind. I know all good things
come from you and I am asking for
patience. Bring financial freedom.
You will be done. Through Jesus name.

For a permanent Job
by: Li Al

Jesus please pray for us so that my husband will get a permanent job in his notice period itself .
Let his CV be selected and he will appear in interview with the grace of holy spirit and get a good job.

My son who has problem in speaking ,behaving and reacting ,please make him to study and make him like a normal child.

Please give us back our property and let us buy a small house and settle down there permanently.........

Please give peace to whole world and let this be like heaven

by: Anonymous

Dear Lord,

I asked that you please bless me with a good paying job in which I will love and I will be loved in return. I need a good paying job soon so that I can help my husband and I can pay our bills. I am grateful for all my blessings and I will most appreciate if you will grant this wish of mine.

Thank you

Money to Help the Needy, animals and to pay Debts
by: Ronald

Please pray that we receive funding
for the needy , and provide for
animals who are in trouble.
we feel that this is our cslling

In Jesus Name

Prayer For Permanent Job With Good Salary
by: Nalini

Please pray for me to get a permanent job with good salary. I am working in office, but the salary is less. In this i can get loan to build my house and give the debths.I had been to many places for interviews. I get selected, but when it comes in salary. They offer me very less or they tell me you stay very far. O Lord i had been so many places for interview, but dint get selected. Lord you know what i want in my life. Beg you Lord please hear my prayer. So i get a good job with good salary that i can get loan to build my house and finish all the debths and get married.
Please pray for me.
Thank You

a prayer for a permanent and well paying job
by: Anonymous

Dear God,I have been unemployed since 2009,my husband is the sole breadwinner in our home and he is also very unhappy with his current employment. We have a 2month old baby whom we love very much,I pray that you bless us both with good paying and permanent jobs. I ask in Jesus Name that these new jobs bring positivity in us and our families,may they bring us financial freedom as we are deep in debt currently where we both cannot even afford yo buy ourselves food or clothes without our parents assistance. I ask all this in Jesus Mighty Name

a thank u prayer to my god
by: Anonymous

father in the name of jesus thank you for blessing me lord,thank you for giving me a good job at the gouvernment sector.thank you for permanent paying job at saps,with you nothing is imposible thank you father in the name of jesus for evrythng.

please help me
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me so I can get a great paying job close to my house so I can pay my bills and keep my home and help my family lord I pray

Seeking Permanent job and Blessing
by: Anonymous

Lord jesus christ my Prayer is that You provide me and my family
With Love,Employment to a Good and decent job,Including medical-Aid,Pension fund,Housing subsidy and car allowance
Jesus be my Lord and change my Life today,I am suffering
With all these people around me,Laughing and talking
Saying he trust in the Lord jesus,Let see what happends
Even at church people mock me,Pastor daughter and wife
Some say are you working? I reply the Lord is organising
These are negative people who say hard,shame,Not good times,I return their words back sevenfold,I want to see the worse
For them and I must be blessed a hundredfold,Lord jesus christ
I want to be Like a king,You my daddy ,My dad was a foreigner and
People killed him on ministry,So Lord I want Nation working for
Me and I want to have 220471872 money in the bank,BMw,Merc and be wealthy and bless the poor and Godly and church that
Are doing your work honestly and not false doctrine Like some Pastor .
Amen (Powerful prayer read this)

For a good position, good paying Premanent Job
by: Anonymous

Oh merciful God, I beg your mercy for givingme a well positioned, well paying permanent job. So that I can take care of my widow mother, and my 2 year old Daughter. I wnt to make my daughter's future to be bright and successful with your power.

to get my husband's job to be permanent
by: clodia

pray for my husband to get his job he is working temporarily in the company .pls pray for us

by: Anonymous

What a beautiful prayer, I'm gonna take it and amend it to my situation, its really touched me.

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