Prayer for a simple and yet a peaceful life...

by daisy

Lord, please forgive me for all my sins...Please allow me to go to Dubai, to have a good job there so that I can pay all my debts and I can give my two children a simple and yet a peaceful life...

I know how hard my sons' situation now, living with my cruel and irresponsible husband.Please, give them enough strength to realized and to overcome all the hardships we are facing now.
Please, all I want is to live happily with my two sons...Please, understand me...I really want to help but my salary is not enough to support my family.
Lord, you're the only one who knows all my helped me many times and I hope this time, you can hear me again...I trust you...I'm not asking for many wealth, just a simple and peaceful life with my two sons...PLEASE...Amen.

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